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wwre ired... askkd that robert gladden unior reccive the haashest penalty possible. prior to gladden's sentencing... theseepictures were shoon. & p3 they are frooma caffteria at perry halllhiih one picttre yoo cann see gladden as he begins to remove the 6 gauge shotgun. just feet away, daniil ba-row--e sits with some of pis friends unawaae of what is picture, ba-rrw-ee is seen pembers attempt tt tackll the gunman.the laastpicture shows ... staff struggling with gladden p agginstt row of vending machines.all thrre ppctures ere shown byythe state prior to gladden &psentencing.gladden meannhiie sat n court showing no emmtton.aaso rrleased today video of thh high school &pssootee's iintrview with police baac in august - 3 4:188- question: hennyyu annthinggthen? anyy oot of adrenaaine?gladden: not rrally, i turned to the side
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seconn one nd one of the teachers, i don't knoo where he came from, came up and -3 pushed me a little into the venddng machine so i fired the -3 seeood hot to see ii he woull llt go of me and he didn't so thhn i just gave up. 4:44 &p3&p beeore senttecing gladden the judge eeplained how he did not beeievv the een was remorsefulor bullied .. -3 again, judgeecahhlllsentenced prison... 3 ttnighh t ten....raction from both siide to that ssntence. poy leeola fox 45 news at 5. 3 baltimore city pplicc have on friday in westtbaltimore. 33- year -old alysii taeeon tuck. tucc.heee's a look t thee -3 pcene we found in an alley taped off bb police.officers
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victims was shot sometime before the fire.neighbors tood fox 45 they heard theee ad been a shootinng.. before learning a vehicle ad beenn founn inside. 3 10:31:322it was just a ssock shock10:33:16 t'' really nnt the peoole who live in the prra it's the people living -3& out of thh area..- area..ome people that live in the neighborhood say ttis is & very upsetting siice the neighhorhood association hass - worked hard toocurb violence. officiils... continue to investigate... a... fire innanne arundel pountt... that seet... twoo & peeple to the hospital last night. - 3flames... brokk out... inside a hooe... on wooo ssteet ... sunday ... near... patrick henryydrrve... in brooklyn..../ two victims... were found on phe front vvctim... suffered severe burns... and... is... in -3 criiical condition.../ the... other victim's condition... is unknnww. &p3 4:14:3994::4:54"one of the guus, his ace was burnt, hhs hair was gone and the guyynext door, on thh other side, he &pwenttinside o try to hell and i guess heecouldd't breathe & because he was cooghing so he just got takee away in an ambulance."
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ambulance."officiaas... don't... have a cause... for phe ire.../ but do say ...there were canniiters of xygen inside the house. 3&p a fire... in... p-g county.... claims... &panother... life..../ 11 yyar....yeaa oldd.. night...//.she... waa ppulled... from the fire thursday... without aa pulse,.../ 3&pppassng....//the fire ...alss killed... her father... and... two younger siiters..../. - her mother....ann... younger sister surrivee.../. believed to be... electrical. 3 some former grads... ae... taking... the ballimorr public school systtm ...too court. .../// to... 3 a city school open---/ - /the northwestern highhschool aluuni associatton fflld the lawsuii.and as amber miller telll us it claims the city's --3 10 yeer lan that phases out 3&pinaccurate nformatton. p3 phe resident of northwestern's alumni association ssys filing the lawsuut was a lass ditch effort to keep the high school's doors openn - 3 rita collins saas the city
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school system conducctd an pssessment coupleeof years ago--cclimingg48 million -3 dollars would be neded to - rrnovaae northwesterr.but ccolins says ammng other some offthe renovations hhve inaccurate. withii the next 300 daas, repressntative with &pphe ccalition tt ave -& northwestern will bring in an enginner to examine the 3
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3 increased.wwereacheddout to the school syssem aad were &ptold it does not comment on penddngglitigation. new information tonight in the drunk ddivinn arrest of a &baatimore county councilman. todd huff says he is very sorry and giving up his pountt--owned vehicle after beinggpulled over for ddunk driving on saturday.according 3 officcrs saw huff driving without his eadlights on.... 2:30 in the mooning. -3pmorning.police say he pulled intt an auto body shop... that he owns.beffre performing p ffeldd obriety test,,tte police "dd you know ho i am?"... ann asked themm.. do we really need to be doing phis? you needdtt just ake mee home and be ddne with thiss" 3 preaahalizer blowing a point 2- 0....two ann a half times the legal limit. the district 3 councilmannwas elected in -3 2010...tooting his fireeighting backgroond... & 3 pyouuube campaign ad: "the
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prgaanzztions...")((outube ccmpaign ad ontinnud: "for police ooficerssto get them -3& the tools they need so ppople can feel afe and comfortable pin baltimore county.") couutt.")officers say when phey took huff to he precinct, he asked to call baltimmoe county police chief 3 did not answerrhis phone. policc say they gave huff a chance to call a lawyyr too -3 wwich he responded he doesn't nee... gun proposals... in maryyand... may cost the statee.. hundreds of jobs...//.beretta u-s-a... in... p-g... county... - is... threateninn to leave he state..../ - quote... whh expand inna place... where the people whoo &pábuiltá... the gun... - couldn't buy ii?"the... company... -3 invvsted... more ttann.. one million dollars... 3&p for... a nee... - under... an... - "assault wwapons ban"... that advvaced... last annapplis.../ the... gun... woold be illegal... in the state....// beretta'ss.. 9... millimeter pistol.. whicc... ii soldder.... and... sevvral policee departmenns... ccold... allo be banned... wiih its... 13- bulleet mmaazine. &&p3 one... of thhse locations... could be mississippi....//tte
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state... speaker of the - house... is trying to lure gun manufaaturers... to áhisá state... ?? including... some from marylaan..../republican... philip gun... ent a letter... to... 14 gunmakers.... iiviting them -operatioos to his state...//. po mmssissippi./ & .. ii... aa industty ... áheá - state. 3 "thhs tyye offindustry is someehing that meshes well with the peopll of the statt. & e looe to huut. we lovv to shoot. people enjoy the peace of minddthat comes from &pknowing they haveethe riihttto &pdefend themselves," 33 gun... says manufacturers ...would be welcooed with open leaders and residents.. 3 baltimore officiils announce & the entertainment line up for 33 23:06:48-:55"on the main & ptage, it'll be pitbullland -3 the nddaat will be macklemore and ryannlleis." lewis."the maryland jockey - club announcing pitbull and entertaining the iifield crowd & preakness oonmaa 18th.the group says both artistssgenre
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&pthat the preakness draws every & year. & 23::7703-23::7:18"pitbuul is & plectrii, is shows are followiig.. macklemore andd lewiss hhy tend to- their 3 over the ppst 44or 5 years, we've moved to that enn aad i think ww're real haapy with it." it."a thhid act has yet to be &pannouuced.z-z top, brunnomars, & mong the ats that have pppeared at the preakness in previous yearr.the race and infield festivvl atttrcted more than 121- thousand fans last yyar. 3 'ss...and ravens fans... pill face... a ougher... "no -3 year...//. the... maryland stadium authority.. sayss.. all smoking... insidee.. oriole 3 m&t bank stadiumm.. wwll be prohhbbted...///. prrviously,... there had been designated... rras... within the stadiums... where patrrnn could smokee..//// tte rrvenss.. will make accommodations... for fans... by allowing patrons... to & leave the stadium,.../ smoke... inna 3 back inside...//. the &porioles... areeexpected... to -3 announce a similar policy...
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beffre opening ay. 33& bbltimore avens safetyyed reed traded the fieed... ffr the carpet yesterday.reed turned up on the ree arpet at purple- tinted yuxedd,,purple bow tieeand bback nd purple oscaas corressondent for "the &prish eessnnpodcast."reed spoke aaout interviewing george plooney saying clooney told pim "he hurt him bad" becuase clooney is a bennals fan.much mmoe on the oscars.. ahead at 5:30. 3 how are the roaad looking tonight? ponight?carrie peerce has our &preport. mapmapmddt-95 -&patt175mdot- 665 at balt natll pikemap
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&pthree childden are 3 dead. 2 men on trial for the third time..//-3 witness's testimony will ááotá 3 could uu- rops in afghanistan be coming ome even soonee?why the ccuntry's president s ordering u-s troops out. -3 p3 a hhgh-ssakesscivil trial - pegins in louisiina...connect &ped to the two-thoussnd-tee -gulf oil spill.the charges b-p 3 3 --adblii weaater tz--
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3 the presiddnt of afghanistan issues a sttrn order to the u-ss 3 all u-s special forccs tt be out of a key province in two &pweeks. he cittd aalegations that aaghanssare workkng alonnsideethe special forces... heping them -3torture, abuse and eeen murder civilians inn he region. & viilagers and local fficcaas took their reports of aauses and atrrccties to kabul - whhre they showed photographs offninne eoppe they say were detainee and remain issing.. p 3 the claii was that nine peopll have disappeared, taken by special forces." 3 thh u-s led
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3 coalition ii afghanistan says it has not found any evidence offmissonduct by aaerican forces in the areaa,but the pnvestigation is on-going. 3& a civil trial kicks off 3 billioos. ccsey stegaal... hass the latest... from... new orleans ... on... thh... oii giant... defending itself... that... massive 20-10... gglf 3 3a handful of protesters 3 por the beginniig of the pcivil caseá against b-p. the plaintiffs: the federaa 3 ssates.... and thoosanns off everyday eople..... all affected by the wwrst off- shhreeoil spill in the nation's history. the departmmnt of justtce accusing b-p and its connractors of gross negllgence áandá willful thhyyknooingly áfaiiedá o - maintain safe drilllng 3 key ssfeey test of the ell.
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viles says: "what we waat to do though is make sure bp ii held accountable, that the ecosystem has the resourccs - make sure they ebound aad that we restore the system aad thaa the states are compensated forrthe econnmic losses thattthey'veerrceived." if b-p and the other compannes are found ggilty, &pthey could be orderrd by a &pjudge to pay nearly 18-billion 3 punitive damages as well. the government claamssá5 piilioná barrell spilled nto -3 the gulf...b-ppsays that figurr is overry exaggerated. that number is ácrucialá, per-barrell bbsiisunder the months...or end at anytime, if & b-p ddcides o suddenly settle. brooke-davidson says: "one of & the major impedimentssto settlement is the states want p lot of monee for theii restoration and the federal & governnent is looking more ffr moneyybackk"stegall says::"in said ámanyy parties share the &pblame. in new orleans, casey stegall, fox news."
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3 p ootroversyy.. is 3 brewwng ovee a court ruling... on... ticketmaster fees. issue are service feee ticketmaster charges on top of the stated price of a ticket. thee ees can sometimee & iicrease the total cost of a - ttcket to more 120 percent of its stated january,, maryland's highest court ruled that ttoss feee violate a 1998 baltimore city ordiiancc.. now considering making an exceppion o itssanni-scalpiig ticketmmsser and other ticket events in baltimore city. & 3 that brings us to our qqestion of the day. 3 allowed to chargeelarre service fees? & feess? darleen writeeson ouu faceboookpage..."their feee are horribbe." 33 pand risha wriiess..."i can understand a small fee but outrageous.. so veryone seems to agree that the ticketmaster & fees are too high. 3 go to foo-baltimore dot com
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aan tell us what you think. you can also souud off througg facebook. send us a tteet.. at foxbaltimore. aan you caa text your answer to 45503. enter fox45a for yes.. orr& 3-- 3&p a reeall today... involving & popplar feetility medications. what they re... ann the problemmdetecttd. 3 and hes only onn ears ld... &pgot er snooboardig start. 3 p3 --adblib weather tz--
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from brands like samsung dewalt, and bulova. he got a gps. we ain't gotta ask for directions no more. all you gotta do is click over to and get the credit you deserve to get all kinds of great stuff. [doorbell rings] i hope it's the karaoke machine. ♪ 3 shees beennon a snowwoard - beeore she could even walk. this one- yyar- old girl in &poregon issshowing off her
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3 turns two next montt.her om snowbbarding sinne she was six - weeks old. p3 - reaat to stooy- adlib oss too 3 pytas...
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3&pcoull you use aa extrr hundree - dollaas?ii'ssall aat offour "freebruary" contest on fox45
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morniig news.we're drawing a 100-dollar winner every hour.. - during fox45 morning enter go to facebook dot com slash fox baltimore and click pn the "freeeruary" tab.then watch fox45 morninngnews starting aa 5 a-m to see if you're a winner. goodbye to wwnter eans saying hello o spring and alleegies. p what youuneed to do to deal with a stuffy -3 nosey and waatry eyys. &p3 ((ick)"its a uge victory for us, " "three hildren are dead. 2 men ...go on trial for theethird time../ -3&&p but... aa witness'ss.. testimooy... will ánotáá.. be -3 allowed now.. in the espinoza
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3 it doesn't matter if snow is pn the grrund...allergy specialists say now is the piim to prepare if you suffer allergiee.doccorsssay some allergy medicatioos do ork better if youustart ttking them before you ave symptoos...buttas witt any
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medicction ... check with your own docttr firrt. 3 113-135"if you have nasal oor pye allergies, you oo't have starr treatinn yoursslf too soon. cause nnrmal the medicinn ssarts workinggright away. so as soon as you ssart feeling ssmptoms thee you can &pstart youu mediciiess the pills you take, these &pyou take them before you have symptoms. so they always worr beeter to prevent then they do to treat.. treat."evvn ffr experts ii can &pbe difficult to determine f allergg...esppcially since & many people can go years wittout havvng an allergy symptom...and thhn suddenly deveeop them. 3&pdrinking a cup of tea.. may 33 ps you age. age. researchers pnalyzed sevvral studiesson phee ffect of affeinated drinksson memoryyand mental braan function staaed sharper in tea drinkees than non-tea drinkers. at least &pone study founn ddinking tea -3 is especiallyybeneficial for women. the
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chemical whiihhis foond only &ppnntea and ushrooms... offerr & protection in the initial - stagee of alzheimer's diseese. 33 a ...massachhsetts pharmacy.... recalls... & severallfertility drugs... after ssmething... was found floating in a vial. pial.thh... recall... affects twoolots o... progesteronee.. and severall other medications.../. officialss ay... the 3 ... 39--states..../ no - side effects... havv beee repprted. 3 a... warningg.. for peoplee.. who drink poland ssring wwter.../.thh new hampshire department offheaatt... 3 pottnntally....contaminated 3 not... the small... individual bottles../..but... 3... aad 5-gallon -3 bottles... containing gas residue or fumess.. after -3 goingg throughh... -3 recycling.../.health offiiials waaer... bottled since november 1, 2012... o ceck for possible gas odors efore using.../. 3 33 just 4 days left... ntil forced budget cuts go intt effect.what those cts will be... aad the impaat ttey're expected to have on us here in maryland.
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3 nexx monthhtwo 3 men gg on trial --3
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